Dealing with long flight!

Long flights can be exiting or boring, depends on person to person. When we have a long flight definitely it means we have to travel for long hours in the small space, taking us through different time zone. This certainly isn’t easy. So how to deal with this?

After travelling for the first time from Netherlands to Vietnam for business trip, which was the longest journey I ever had, plus the different time zone, I’ve learned lot of things which I want to share in this article.

#I learned that when we book a flight, prefer if possible to book a flight in the late evening or at night. This allows you to board the flight, relax a little and just go to sleep as per your scheduled time.

#Sleep as much as possible. Sleep like you sleep daily for 7-9hours atleast. This will make you stay fresh and body will have a good rest.

#With my experience I felt, I was travelling in this long flight straight after hectic working day, catching up flight at 8.30 pm. I was tired and slept a lot. But when I landed in Vietnam, in evening and I was feeling fresh.

I took a heavy dinner and went straight to the bed, to avoid the jetlag issues. 😊

#Drink Drink drink….. stay hydrated. Drink water, fruit juices as much as you can to stay hydrated. Flight can make you dehydrated, but not necessarily we feel this.

#Tea/coffee and other beverages make you dehydrated.

#Leave the royalty behind! Wear something very comfortable – don’t be shy to wear pajamas, loose shirt or anything that’s really very comfortable in flight. In tight clothes, when we sit and sleep folding legs for long time, blood circulation becomes difficult.

#Wear comfortable footwear, which will allow your foot to stretch and relax.

#Talk with people! Not necessarily to your neighbors, but at the pantry area where you can get water and other drinks. Just stand there with people, try to talk and socialize. 🙂 It helps!

#Carry some extra food with you as food in the flight is not always sufficient.    

#Walk in the flight, ofcourse not when you are instructed to be seated.  😉

#Stand at open area at drinks zone, don’t block the passage ofcourse.

#Exercise stretching, neck movements, hand movements, foot movements.

#Carry books to read.

#I prefer to read and write articles, which is always the pending task for me😊

#Freshen up by washing face, hands, neck by warm water and putting mild perfume.

#This I don’t have to tell, but get entertained! Carry your own set of headphones, watch movies, serials, listen to music in flight.

I hope this helps!


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