Humanism, new religion?

Humanism- a new religion. Now you must be thinking, what does that mean? Who has stated this? Is the a religion? Why cant it be only Humanism?… and may lot of such questions must be pouring down in your heads. Wait wait wait… this article will answer all your questions!

Well, it all began in year 2014. In Belgium. In city called Antwerp.

It was 4am in morning on 23rd December. I woke up, got ready  and exited with the thought that in few hours, I will land in my own city, in my own mother country, India.

From the living room window, I saw the taxi waiting down for me. I locked the door, dragging my 2 big bags, I managed to reach the lobby door. The taxi driver noticed me. He got out of taxi and we greeted each other “Goedemorgen” in Dutch language. Meaning Good morning. He helped me put my bags in the car. I headed to the front seat in the car, strapped the seat belt and I was all set to go to airport.

He noticed I am Indian and switched his ongoing radio channel to the most popular Bollywood song ‘Mundian To Bach Ke rahi’. For a second I felt blissful as it started connecting all my dots towards India. Just to make a statement and start connecting with me, the taxi driver mentioned, I am playing this specially for you; for me it was kindoff awkward, don’t know why. Nevertheless, I thanked him.

I continued texting my family, friends to mention that I am heading towards India.

This driver gave 2nd attempt to communicate with me.

Chauffer: “So, you are from India?”

Me: “Yes, I am. I guess you noticed this before switching on your radio!”

Chauffer: “Haha, yes right though. So you are travelling back to India?”

Me: Yes

Chauffer: “You are going back or just for vacation?”

Me: “Going for vacation for few days”

Chauffer: “So you are here for work or study?”

Being very polite on each question he asked, I continued the conversation.

Me: I am here for work

Chauffer: Ohh that’s great. You work as a?

Me: I am engineer. I work in multinational company on engineering projects.

Chauffer: Wow. You must be very rich then in India to be able to get engineering education.

Me: Well, I don’t think someone needs to be VERY rich to get the engineering education. Middle class families can also afford to get education from local universities.

Chauffer: Ohh that’s good then. I am from Iran. I am came here as a kid and never got opportunity for big education. So continued working as Taxi driver. After so many years, now I like to drive.

Me: Ohh good to know about you.

After 5 minutes of pause and silence..

Chauffer: In India there are lot of people. Very crowded right?

Me: Yes, we are one of the 5th (back then) populous countries in world.

Chauffer: As far as I know, there are Hindu’s and Muslims both in India, right?

I was bit awkward with this question. I am not religious and I usually don’t like to ask anyone’s religion. However, I wanted to give him back some honest feedback.

Me: Yes, that’s true.

Again pause of some moment.

Chauffer: Are you Muslim?

Now it was irritating me. May be for him that was just a normal question. May be he didn’t had insight to think, that I might not be open to answer all his questions. I decided to keep it short, cut the conversation and be quick.

Me: No, I am not.

Chauffer: Ohh, I see so you must be Hindu.

Me: May be, who knows? Apologies, but I am not comfortable in specifying religion, neither I am interested in other’s religion.

Chauffer: Ohh Okay. Good to know. Do you believe in religion?

I was laughing now within, because this guy was so so curious to know what I think, believe.

I took a DEEEEEEEPP breath; I thrown a huge smile on my face. But then I decided to now really give back an big answer my views.

Me:  Honestly, I don’t believe in religion. Religion is just a tag given to people, which distinguishes them unnecessarily. I believe in HUMANITY. I believe in People, their feelings, emotions, their achievements, their needs, their success, their passion, their love, their hidden emotions; human touch, human words, human actions is what drives me crazy. When you see this, when you hear this, when you experience this, you don’t care about their religion. You don’t care about their country. Their origin. Their skin, their class (middle, upper income class). You just care about them.

And yes, you were curious to know about my religion right? Yes, so Humanity is my religion. I follow it from my heart.

It teaches you to treat human beings like Humans and not like objects, materials. It teach you to respect everyone. Help incase needed. Support when needed. Love, when needed, listen when needed. Everyone us just like you and me. Everyone is special in their own ways. People need to use their brains rightly to see this, to believe what’s RIGHT is RIGHT, what’s WRONG is WRONG and not follow something blindly. HUMANITY is need. HUMANITY is future to be able to live peacefully on this planet.

I took a deep breath again. I think, I expressed it enough to make him understand my views on religion.

There was no further conversation for next few minutes. Soon then I could notice the Brussels international airport.

He stopped the taxi near my departures gate. He looked at me and said “You opened my eyes today! You took me to a different level of thinking. I respect you lady. Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought, which I never came across before. I promise I will follow the same religion of HUMANITY as you do and spread the act of goodness, kindness around. Thankyou again very very much. I will never forget this morning. I wish you nice journey ahead with your family.!”

I think this was it. That morning was equally best for me. I was happy that my thoughts and my words touched someone so deeply and it changed his mind to the positive way.

I hope you like this article. Curious to know your views!

*all the views expressed in this article are my own. I respect your views too.*


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