Story of ‘Little Extra’

I assume most of you reading this blog are well educated people, using media well, so i expect naturally satisfied with your basic needs like food,water, clothing, shelter! We have jobs, careers, families, friends, hobbies to fullfil our day. I call this as Basic Average Day. Ofcourse most of us will be doing lot of extra things to climb up and get more out of it.

We are never satisfied with what we have, which is equally true what it should be like. If we are not satisfied, we keep on acting on somethings more which is in the end part of motivation for us to survive. If we are satisfied fully, we stop struggling and life is just like a working wall clock. Keep on moving in same monotonous way!

We are all greedy! At work place we expect extra salary, extra bonus, extra benefits, extra holidays. When we eat with people, we most of us demand that extra share of food. We want extra clothes, extra gadgets, extra cheap things, extra savings, extra sleep… and on and on and… its a nonstop list..

It’s not harmful to demand extra, but while demanding, we focus on demands and FORGET focusing on what we have in our hands!

My mother wisely said once, “Too much of anything always turns bad”!

Its good to expect extra, but do we in return take “a little extra” efforts when it comes to us?

What happens when this “Extra takes away your Basics”??

Well, this happened with me . I was always looking for something more than what I had. Looking for connecting with extra people, looking for extra salary, doing extra workouts, spending extra time infront of mirror, spending extra time on phone, spending extra time on online shopping, doing extra talking, eating daily something extra delicious cuisines… and a lot…

As a result, one fine morning this too much of extra gave me a big lesson.

I moved from Belgium to Netherlands to settle down with my husband while I kept my job going on in Belgium. with this, my travel time increased to ~5hours per day working 9 hours a day, few on desk and few hours on production line. Slowly then i started noticing that I am unable to keep contact with my friends, catch up with people due to lack of time. I noticed I was unable to give my 100% on job. So to keep my job going turned out to be my most important priority than demanding salary hikes. My workout energies was spent in changing 3 trains and getting them on time, without missing. Else it was a punishment to wait 1 hour in cold lonely stations, if I miss one connection. I wokeup early in the morning, so that I can catch my first train at 6.30 am. Soon i realized, I have even NO time to spend in front of mirror. All i could manage is brush my teeth, quick shower followed by dressing up, quick pack my breakfast and start running for train. I made my hair in train. Ate my breakfast in train, depending on if I am getting place to sit. Since I was travelling by international train, it was high speed one, so there was no scope to get phone network, until the station arrived. Priority to atleast to get phone network dominated over extra phone time, online shopping time. Evenings after long day, I used to reach home by 8-8.30pm. So to have the energy to cook was getting priority over cooking something delicious. This continued for atleast 2 years!

Now my outlook towards things has positively and drastically changed!

Now, i try not to complain on anything that i have; instead recall back to thoes days, when I was struggling to get all these basics and Smile over my Win!

I learned, Too much of anything is bad for you! Sometimes “Less is more”.

Its so important to have FIRST those basics of life satisfy us over anything. Everything which we get on top of it, is complimentary. Its bonus. Its like cherry on the cake! I hope you find your cake soon and spend plenty of time later in decorating it with cheery!



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