Trip Guide to Norway- Part 1

It was in somewhere in March 2018, my husband was willing to trip towards cold regions. Our previous trips and hangout locations was always nearby seaside or city tours in Europe.

I was totally against going in cold parts of continent, since we were just out of heavy winter in Belgium/Netherlands this year. Belgium-Netherlands (country where I worked and lived respectively). I wanted to have some sun, expose my skin to get tanned, enjoy the blooming of cherry blossom and tulips around me.I wanted to keep all my long heavy jackets scrafs inside and travel somewhere I will be able to enjoy with minimum clothes and protection to body. However, my husband somehow convinced me to his plan.

It was one of the Scandinavian country Norway! I was like, ohnoo WHY???? But readers believe me, this was one of the beautiful trips for me till now.

Ofcourse, there’s lot more to explore in this beautiful country,  than I did; but this is the place on my bucket list for lot of unplanned travels. Definitely more of this will be upcoming in future articles😉

So lets have a look on what’s Norway and what I did in Norway.

Norway, a country is North European region encompassing huge mountains, dense forests, fjords and glaciers. It’s the least populated country in Europe and that’s how nature dominates human beings. Norway highly known for activities like hiking, skiing, fishing, kayaking. Well rest I think you can already google it 😉

I will take you deep down on my trip and guide you to prepare for it.

So it was then we locked up ourselves IN for this trip. We booked the air tickets by Norwegian airlines via website dated from 9 to 14May. Ticket was booked from Eindhoven, Netherlands to Oslo, Norway.

Now, the next step was what to do in Norway? Its succha huge country with so many places to visit and so many things to do!

Confusion, confusion !

I started my own research and my husband started his own. We agreed to put our focus, apart from sightseeing in city, was HIKING and KAYAKING. Another article in waiting which will cover details about places, stay’s and our activities.

The main task first is to start packing our bags and get set for the trip! So we needed good hiking shoes, comfortable hiking pants, jackets and sunglasses. We started our preparation by visiting Decathlon, store to buy all the good sport stuff.

  1. These are the hiking shoes that we bought; its good one time investment; protects you against cold, rain and have good grip on snowy surfaces. There are lot of options you will find, choose what suits the best.
  2. Next we bought were hiking pants and rain jackets. I would suggest buy long pants since if you walk in forests or in dense grass then chances are high that something can cut your naked legs.
  3. Buy a jacket with hood to cover your head incase needed. Also preferred to buy a bright colored jacket, since its easy to identify people if you are trekking in dark lonely forests. We preferred jacket suited to protect from wind, rain and cold.
  4. Pair of glasses
  5. Socks, scarfs, hand glows (depending on your own need)
  6. Medicines as per need
  7. Waterbottle
  8. Backpack to carry during the day hike
  9. Your winter/regular wear- comfortable for city hoppers.
Hiking preparations

Stay tuned for my next article, which will focus on trip locations, activities, hotels and take you through all the fun through our photosessions!


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