20 Unique “Dutch”ness I noticed in Netherlands!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind, when you hear Netherlands? Undoubtedly – Tulip gardens, beautiful canals, scenic houses, picturesque windmills, Amsterdam nightlife!

Netherlands is certainly blessed with this beauty. Anyhow, in this article, I will uncover 20 most unique Dutch traits!

Dutch is the term referred to people, of, relating to, or characteristic of the natives or inhabitants of the Netherlands or their country or language.

Its been 11 months now, I started working in Netherlands, North of Netherlands, province called “north holland”. These months have exposed me to real Dutch culture, Dutch people and I have started noticing these unique Dutch characteristics.

1. Tallest Dutch men and women are Tallest in world, with average height being 1.81m and 1.67m.

I learned “Dutch” way of decorating toilet

2. Decorate toilets – Dutch people have most iconic toilets. They love to decorate the their toilets! Don’t forget to tour yourself to this exclusive corner piece if you visit them ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Decorate Home Dutch people spend time, efforts and money to decorate and maintain their houses.
Indoor plants are MUST MUST! It gives a feel as if you are surrounded by Nature.

Typical Dutch Breakfast

4. Sweet toothed – Dutch people start their day with Hagelsag spread on bread. Alternatively they also prefer power pack breakfast with bowl of Yogurt, cereals and blueberries.

Preferred Lunch

5. Bread-cheese- Typical Dutch person will silently come at lunch desk, taking own lunch box, slowly open it halfway, perfectly take a half sandwich ( bread cheese), close the lunchbox and continue enjoying each bite of it.
6. Milk is beverage– Milk…..? Yes! Dutch people drink milk a lot, especially post lunch. I even noticed my colleagues mixing orange juice with glass of milk. They say it in funny way, If you drink milk, you can become tall’ ๐Ÿ˜€

7. Coffee vs Tea- Dutch people must be coffee lover, but now a days Tea (green or spiced) seems to be dominating.
8. Directness- Dutch people are direct and they admit about their directness. They say it “Dutch directness”. Their opinion thoughts doesn’t deviate that easily, be prepared if u try to convince them.
9. Practical approach- Dutch people are very practical. They think through! Think practically. I guess that must be the quality adding huge success in business.
10. Pindakaas lovers- How can I forget Pindakaas? Peanut-butter is another in the list of their favorites.

Yay! I am Dutch, b’coz I have a Bike

11. BikingDutch can’t live without Bike. Be it Windy, Stormy, Icy, Snowy, Rainy outside.. You will always see Dutch people on their bikes!

No excuse! If you want to be part of Netherlands, Bike is prerequisite.

12. Save the Date – Dutch people work with agendas. They prebook their appointments, meetups, coffee, dinner, game night everything is in calendar! It’s not so common to make random plans when you are with Dutch.

Me & my dutch colleague enjoying Indian dinner

13. Social gatheringsIf u invite them to your place for coffee or dinner, they will be gladly come. They take this as a huge responsibility. They see as a huge respect towards invite.

14. Selfcare at Supreme– When it comes to dedicating time, Dutch know how to prioritize things over Self! They will make sure of dedicating enough time to their individual routines, before mingling somewhere else. That’s how they are ‘Individualist’.
15. Helping hand- Dutch people will gladly help you. They make expat integration so easy, as they are continuously surrounded by internationals!
16. Respect- Dutch people are keen listeners and they respect your opinion.
They love you most, if they know you are trying to speak dutch language and taking efforts.

How to Survive Dutch weather https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys-KP8oPdvg

17. Weather Talk Best way to start conversation with Dutch people is over- Weather! Its the best way to connect with them. Talk over beautiful Sun and multiply happiness! Talk over grey sky, to divide sadness. It seems that most used vocabulary by Dutch people is over “weather”.

Fries eating in Netherlands

18. Frites met Pindasaus en Uien- Dutch people have exceptional way of eating Fries. Its with Peanut-butter saus and finely chopped onion on top of it. This is Highly recommended if you visit Netherlands.

Typical Haring stalls

19. Haring- Dutch delicacy- You will find small roadside stalls selling Haring fish. Popular fish and way of eating is raw fish with chopped onions.

20. Hard workers- Dutch people are honest, smart and believe in hard working. They know the easiest way to get things is by putting efforts in right direction.

I will keep on adding new Dutch qualities, as I keep on discovering. I hope you enjoyed and laughed reading this article. I personally enjoyed writing it. ๐Ÿ˜€

PS- I love Netherlands and Dutch people!


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