Equality….Should be the reality!

8March 2018, on International Women’s day everyone was wishing ‘happy womens day‘ to me on all possible media’s  like whatsaap facebook, phone calls… 

My day was super busy to really reply them back.

I saw women celebrations going on streets in India stating how strong they are.. how powered they are… i saw some fancy parties going on in other part of world… 

Some MNCs organizing speech’s.. events for women to be on platform and express themselves with all possible energies.

For the first time i didn’t feel like wishing women in my life on this Women’s day…

I did replied back to people thanking me.. but it was just a formality..

I didn’t like the idea of bringing that gender on public stating ‘ hey i am women.. hey look m strong.. hey look atleast today treat me well.. blah  blah blah..’

Why do we really need platform to get well treatment from family, friends, colleagues???

Why cant it be in attitude naturally??? So in future we will not feel the difference to have succha unique day to celebrate the uniqueness!!

On other hand surprisingly on same morning when me and my darling husband were heading towards train station, one thought was constantly hitting my head ‘ everyone wished me on this day, but most important person didn’t do it?? Why? ‘

So after a while that thought made me restless and i asked my husband ‘darling dont u think u forget something today?? You forget to wish me??’ He said ‘no.. nothing..its isnt your birthday’.. 😉 I asked again ‘are u sure u didnt forget to wish me today??’ He said ‘no dear wife.. i didnt forget anything’. Then i just ignored it and boarded the train .

I went office.. but the thought ‘why the only man the most imp person didnt wished me??’ I was more curious by now to understand it.. so i asked him again after lunch break ‘hey man.. u still havent wished me..!’. He asked ‘what shall i wish you for??’. I said ‘its womens day.. eveyone is wishing and celebrating. Thus is the day when u wish all thw lovely ladies in your life..promise them to love them, support them, respect them and stand by them’. 

The mind blowing reply given by my husband ‘dear wife its the generation of equality.. we men and women are equal..you and me are same.. why would i treat u different??  Do i need any special day to support u? Love u? Respect u?? I think i am trying my best to do it daily.. !! ‘.. I ended discussion being silent… This small words carrying deep symbolizes his attitude.. I felt very adorable. I am proud of my husband.. and feel blessed to have him in my life.


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