Power of using most powerful words

“NO”, “YES”, “SORRY”, “THANK-YOU”, “PLEASE”- these according to me are the most powerful words. These words can change the dynamics of situation you are dealing with. It can be accepting/rejecting an opportunity, forgiving someone, expressing for help someone offered you and what not?

NO– No indicates NEGATION which could also lead to positive way. Saying No to something can mean you are stopping yourself from entering big mess? Rejecting some opportunities? Controlling yourself when needed or when not needed? It can also mean you stick to something that you really mean and rejecting the fact or pressure coming from opponent?

YES– Yes is Positive word. In indicates your power to accept. It indicates your PREPAREDNESS when you accept somethings. It can also mean you are open to opportunities.

SORRY– Sorry word has emotion to go a step back. To bow down. To reflect on your mistakes and accept it. Its insightful.

THANKYOU– Appreciating someone for offering help in all situations when you yourself alone were not enough to handle it.

PLEASE– Word is linked to politeness. Adding please can mean to request someone for something very genuinely and politely.

I have experienced a lot of dynamics while and after using these words.

How about you? What are more powerful words like this?


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