Why we all need a role model?

Sometime when you are too busy in your routine. Sometimes you feel you are stuck. Sometimes you want to grow, walk, move on, but you don’t know how? which direction?. It can be anywhere in personal life; starting from taking a decision of college admission and you don’t know which field might suit you best? or It can be like how to be an ideal partner or an ideal couple. It can also be in your professional life when you want to climb the ladder up, but you don’t know how?

There lies a crucial role of a ROLE MODEL.

Role models are the ones to whom you look and dream of becoming someone like him/her. You think they are the best, they are ideal and you want to become best like them. When you look at them, you see a scope to improve yourself & to climb up. You see a growth. You see a change. Role models are the one you can lean-on them. You get a start. However, its us who will continue our own journey.

Role models might be the ones to guide you, they can be the ones who can give insights of what ups-downs one can have in achieving the tasks.

Role models can be anyone. Your parents, Your friends, your colleagues, your neighbor. A famous sport or business personality.

I even think role models keep on changing with time and even with the area you are looking a role model in. I mean a single person might not stand as role model in every aspect. Like in area of managing the home, you might have your aunt or grandmother as role model. Whereas when it comes to career it can be a business icon or your colleague.

So its important to choose the role models wisely.

For me my grand mother is my role model when it comes to managing home, managing people, doing everything independently. Also she inspires me on the fact that how updated she keeps herself in this changing era. However, when it comes to my professional life, Indra Nooyi inspires me a lot. I often watch her youtube videos, her articles when she posts on linkedin. Ofcourse she is not reachable, but her words do reach me. next to her is Kiran Muzumdar Shaw. I hope I can be like them, somewhere someday! Also my father, my brother and my husband time by time keeps in inspiring when it comes to giving 100% while doing a particular job. They put everything, even might forget to eat or drink water.

In general, i try to learn from people as i keep them meeting. I love to observe the good qualities in them and see if I can take somethings in me. 🙂 Too blessed with this!

Who are your role models?


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