Chaitrali Latkar

Hi Reader,

I am glad you made attempt to know about me.

I am 30years old with Indian roots. Being Mechanical Engineer by profession, I am working in Multinational electronics Industry in beautiful country Netherlands. In past, I worked in Pune,India & Antwerp, Belgium. My professional life gave me opportunities to travel around different parts of globe. I am keen observer, good listener and I love to learn from everyeone I meet. I (think) am kind hearted, Genuine person who believes that if there is something to pass-on to others, it is Love, Smile and Kindness! This world needs these cost free gifts!

About Modern Roots: This is my personal blog, full of experiences, learning, recipes, travelling everything what I want to bring on to you.
Modern Roots as name suggest is exactly what I am as a person.
I love to be modern, keep myself upto date about the changing world, but somewhere in the backup, I am aware of all the meaningful roots through which I have grownup and continue to grow. I respect those roots and I feel grounded when I am able to hold those roots still while being modern on the otherside.

I hope you like my blogs. Share with your friends, family, colleagues or whomsoever would enjoy reading it.

Happy reading 🙂

What DO i DO?
  • Yoga, Meditate
  • Dance
  • Cook my fav Indian cuisine
  • Sing
  • Write
  • Play badminton
  • Talk talk & talk


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