Simple tips to keep home clean!

We all are working for entire day; some at home, some of us are busy with their careers, some of us are busy polishing themselves hard in offices. We barely find time to do what we like to do.

It’s a common complain to push things on tomorrow, next days, weeks, months. Time flows on.. and all of us I am sure have something in their heads which they had planned or wished to do, but couldn’t do because of the common complain “LACK OF TIME”!!!!

We only have 24 hours a day, in which most of the hours are reserved for sleeping, eating, daily chores which are unavoidable.

My weekends in past were occupied with cleaning home, kitchen, flooring’s, bathrooms, wardrobes, laundry; and believe me, these small things are actually a lot if you really put your energy into.

Cleaning home, doesn’t mean only vacuuming it, but also arranging all the small stuff back to its place for example, washing, adding new things to house, remove old things and so much more….

So there are the things that I added to my daily routine to make my life bit effective than it was & at the same time it adds to small body movements. These are common points I am highlighting, you can prepare things that impact you and act accordingly. 😊

So do you also have messy home? Don’t worry here are some simple tips that helped me!

After hectic day, when I come back home

  • I make sure my shoes, socks are removed and kept exactly in correct rack and place where it is suppose to be in tidy manner
  • If I see other shoes, socks lying incorrectly I correct them up then and there itself (before entering inside). It takes 1 minute to do so.
  • I hang my jacket, scarf correctly, so that’s its ready the next time I want to wear it.
  • Keys! The most easiest things to get lost and we, keep searching for it all over  on our busiest times. I have the keyholder placed just inside as soon as I entre the door, so that I always hang it when I am back home or take it without fail when I am stepping out

If you see below, daily used stuff can be placed nearby your entrance door effectively.

  • I freshen up and make sure my clothes are inside the laundry bag for washing. This help my time to sort out clothes later for washing.
  • Or they are perfectly hanged inside wardrobe, so that it remains ironed and available for next use
  • I make sure I wash all the utensils before I go back to bed. I know its tough, but that 5 minute efforts saves the mess and manages kitchen hygiene.
  • I also quickly clean my kitchen sink with cleaner as well. This helps to keep my kitchen always neat, clean and I get fresh feeling next time I enter it.
  • Small things whatever I use, I try to put it back to same place, which helps me stay organized and handy to fund them back- for example, knife, spice box. scissors, comb, nail cutter, kitchen glows, kitchen towel and lot more to this list.
  • The duvet, bed-sheets are put back neatly on bed, once I get up!
  • Clean washbasin quickly after brushing my teeth each time!

I know this sounds simple. It is! It only takes approximately 20min extra, but keeps your home clean and tidy.

Try it what suits you best and let me know your feedback! 🙂

Not only that, trust me it keeps your home livable for next day to start fresh!

Will you try this? Leave your feedback in comment box! 😊


Conversations with God

It was 11th April; 2015 a day before my birthday; Saturday; my break off to routine office life. It’s the day when I get chance to explore corners of Europe, do photography, invest time in my hobbies, watch movies, throw out my inner thoughts on paper and what not. I am a food fanatic person, so I make use of this time to fulfill my “pappi pet” (hungry stomach). I love to express & singing allows me to chuck out my feelings, emotions, encourages my thoughts, and vibrates my body from inside which gives me immense power and positive energy. I feel, one should be beautiful not from outside, but from inside. Your inner logic is reflecting outside. People easily get attracted to visual beauty, but fail to figure-out the inner hidden person.

Anyway, moving back to my topic..

This fine morning on 11th, me, my Russian friends Richard & Helena decided to deviate ourselves to a different place nearby Belgium. Its place on Belgium-Netherland border. This place isn’t the hottest tourist destinations like Eiffel or Leaning Tower of Pisa; this isn’t the place which will attract every single traveller. This isn’t a place where you will find flock of people, full of crowds; neither was this place where you’ll find markets, people sailing and shouting all around.

It was a forest. I didn’t planned before to go in forest; but yes friends like Helena and Richard motivated me.

This unusual place which we explored was named Kalmthout. Honestly I just Googled the location where it was before leaving from my place. I didn’t invest much time in knowing about this place.

Kalmthout is 40-50 km by train from Antwerp Central station, and takes around half hour to reach.

So what is this place Kalmthout?

De Zoom-Kalmthoutse heide is the bordered national park across Belgium-Netherlands (Dutch) border. It’s basically fusion of 2 national parks De Zoom in Netherlands and Kalmthout in Belgium.

It was 2.00 pm when I left my home in Antwerp heading to meet my friends. I kept my Digicam ready with its battery charged and empty memory card inside. I Was super exited for this forest safari, more than that for photography. It was start of spring in Europe; so days were bigger than in winters. Spring brought good shinny weather- which allowed to pull-out my jackets, sweaters, scarf, hand-glows and winter wear accessories after 8 months; Spring also imported colors all around my surrounding which winters swallowed-up. Trees are now covered with leaves; it wasn’t green; it was pink, purple, white colored leaves. These trees are known as Japanese cheery trees; planted in both sides of roads; while walking on such road, it seemed as it’s our welcome-ceremony celebrated.

We pointed ourselves towards the central station and booked our seats for Kalmthout; train from Antwerp to Roosendaal,Netherlands.

By boarding train from Antwerp central, in 30minutes of time interval we got down at the station Kalmthout and started walking. Richard warned us, that we have to walk 3 km approximately before we start our journey for forest.

3 km Road on the way

I started clicks from Cheery trees. Exactly before starting our 3 km walk, I took glance to see the things around. This 3 km was a straight road, where I was able to see its end. It was a very narrow road; very calm and quiet. Absolute silence; long trees (hopefully Beech trees) on left and right, having little leaves at the top. I was attracted to beauty of this road and trees. This was exactly same as I see on the wallpapers. My camera flashes weren’t stopping at all, as if its celebrity guest arrived on the red carpet.

We moved further, keenly watching the beauty of this nature; God’s creation.

There was so much to scrutinize around, that we barely communicate throughout the journey.

Soon did we reached half way, we noticed black clouds, about to pour the water on the planet, approached us. Speedy winds followed the clouds and it was the state when winds could easily drift us along. Richard instructed to cover myself under a tree. But the rains and winds were so heavy, that we were wet in few minutes. I recall it was shiny, around 10-12 degree when we entered Netherland; but now it turned to less than 4 degree & I got freezed; my palms turned red and I was shivering so badly, as if I will undergo frost-bite. But this time I asked myself, “Why I am feeling cold? Just because I am thinking its low temperature? Just because I know it’s windy? Why am I scared of this wind and rains? Why I am afraid to enjoy this?”. List of questions passed from head to toe. And I decided to throw myself, push myself to enjoy the current moment. I’ve often heard this comment from so many speeches, “Forget the past, don’t stress more on the future; but enjoy what you have today in your hand; Enjoy this present moment”.  What is really being in current moment or to be in present? I somewhere know this phrase but never tried to inculcate in myself. But this was the time,  when all such great thoughts circled around my head without allowing me to escape from it. I literally quit! I decided to remove this inner thinking “that I am getting cold”. It’s just a word! It’s an expression. Our body reacts to what we think. My body received the signal’s from the brain, that it is cold so I was feeling cold. Believe me. The moment I decided to Quit from my thoughts, the energy shattered my body and there was heat generation inside. And soon this happened, my mind was distracted from this coldness feeling and I started taking pleasure of this rains. I started taking pleasure of the wind blowing me all over! No thought came in my mind; but I was just focused on having more and more water & winds on myself. Absolutely No second thought. Just me, myself and the natural occurrence. This is called “being in the current moment”.

We are well-known to the five elements that exists in nature, without which our life has no existence. They are: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky. I was experiencing 4 natural elements truly purely in my own ways. I was with all of them. I was standing on Earth, on road side in mud, under the Beech trees; I was talking showers of extremely pure and natural resource of water – Rains; I was sensing the speed of the Wind and while being with these, I was looking at the dark sky with thank-giving note to god for allowing me to push myself on this fantastic mode. What missing was the Fire. But I felt, the fire was inside my body giving me immense heat to survive in low temperatures.

I was just myself. I was with me and the elements. This event never ever took place before in my life.

And this is how I started my conversation with GOD.

What is GOD? Is that an Idol like Ganesha, Saraswati? which needs to be kept in Devara (small temple for god placed inside home) poured with flowers cut down from plants and taking away its beauty and fragrance? Or does GOD means something for which in unnamed religion Animal is killed infront of him? Or does GOD means fasting all the day long without sip of water even? Or does GOD means something infront on whom people only speak the truth; demand whatever one wants and expects him to fulfill? Think again! I am sure the answer for all the questions is NO for most amongst reading this article.

If you ask me “Who is GOD according to me?”, I would say my definition is simple, straight and short. Its Positive Power! It’s the power which gives you hope for betterment, confidence to stick to the inner decisions, faith to make sure whatever you do is correct, belief not only in yourself but also others, trust if not on yourself or others but on that idol atleast, motivation to keep trying till you get (for eg: you keep telling the same sad story to god and demanding the same thing each night before its fulfilled), guidance to go on right track or to follow the good. I find god in silence, peace, in meditation. I find him when I focus. I see him, when I motivate myself to be a good human being. God exists in every single living creature; take time to find him out; For me there is no specific definition, no specific feature, characteristic to define him. Each religion teaches to follow GOD, Dev, Allaah. Its just a different definition of same power. Every religion has distinct prayers to convey this message towards this power.

Taking myself and the natural elements, we continued further half of journey. In few minutes, this road came to end; and we were standing at entrance of this forest. The board indicating names of animals showing their presence in forest was displayed.

It was yellow holy land; bare till long; it was half naked land covered with 1 feet of grown dry grass; Un-cut big trees fell down due to some natural calamities; Gigantic water reservoirs in between, though not deep; changed its colors like a chameleon each time the cloud changed its own. The clean, clear water, highlighting the reflection of adjoining grass was so photogenic! Marvelous! Naked earth was looking gorgeous in her own way.

My photography left uninterrupted. We kept walking, marking our footsteps in mud. When I continued with my phase, Richard asked me “Did u ever closed your eyes and tried to walk?”. I said, “Ahh. I guess no, except that I used to play game in my childhood named “Andhali koshimbir” (Blind fold).  He said, “you have never done these days? Then come’on you should do this now.” Just for a moment, my inner conversation, “Ohh God. What’s this stupidity? Does this going to impact me?”. I was ok to play this act now. Richard put some conditions infront of me before I start & said, “Do not open your eyes in any circumstances. I will guide you left-right if it is danger. You have to do this for 10 min”. I closed my eyes and started walking with fake confidence. Trust me, for first 3 minutes, I lost my hopes. I felt I am falling, I was losing by balance; I was unable to judge myself for left and right. For the first time I sensed the Gravitational force acted on me, has tremendous magnitude. It was pulling me down. To keep myself steady and stable, I instructed myself to step further with faith; and now my focus was shifted to the thought process of brain. Everysingle incidence- good or bad, every single person- good or bad, my success-failure, my hardships, fights, laughs, everything burst out like a trailer. It was exactly 1 year from back, when I celebrated my last birthday with kids from Blind-school. And this was punch back moment for me. I was blind for 10 min which crush me for the moment. How do these blind, dumb, deaf humans survive? During my visit to school, I interacted with these kids. There were kids from 4 years to 20 years of age. I understand how they learn school and successful just like you and me!! They play cricket, they sing, they paint, they play instrument and what not? Isn’t that splendid? I see half a  youth of this generation (including me)  sleeping; acting like blind; ignoring things they see; we have so much to do? We blame GOD  for not pouring us with good white skin, enough tallness, good hair, beauty, handsomeness, money blah blah..  I think we are lucky enough to bless with all the required body parts, which are in usable form. But do we really use them? NO!! we make little use of what we have, blaming the “time” for rest of the day; saying “vel naiye”.  Judgment is not done based on “what we have” but “how we make use of right resources to get maximum benefit out of it”. If we watch keenly, we are in better position than lot many. We are always in superior than someone; so feel blessed with what you have and make use of it. I read this beautiful quote so many times, “the life you are living now is dream of millions”. Yes indeed. Read again and you will have the surety of this quote.

While I was in this phase, Richard was calling me to stop my Blind-fold act. But his voice didn’t reached my ears. I was so engrossed in that phase with myself. But this time I felt I was not myself. Richard thought I was kidding with both of them and not attending their responses. So they hold me and stopped me. The moment, they stopped me, I opened my eye slowly and looked to the naked mother earth. This time, the fallen trees, land, water, dry grass, clouds,.. everything looked much more scenic and beautiful than before. I knew I entered a different phase from that moment. The minute, I stopped my Blind-fold act, I sensed some strong energy passing throughout my body and escaped out. I could not stopped smiling. I knew what was that. Now I knew, why I could not hear the voice of my friends calling me to stop being blind. I knew why the attention of body towards the gravitational force was replaced by conversations. Wow. Those 10 minutes were divine, holy, blissful, spiritual. People might call me Stupid & idiot. But yes. This conversation was not with myself, it was with GOD. I realized the moment, I said Quit to my feeling of coldness, I was with myself, the 5 natural elements and with me was GOD. Yes. He was talking to me. He was listening to my feelings. He listened to what are my thoughts, my pasts, my anger, my laughs, goodness.

I don’t know how to describe this moment; how should I tell what I was feeling, rather what I am feeling even right now when I am recalling that day and writing this article. Heavenly! When I remember that day, I just see towards the sky, smile and hope (that he will meet me soon) and then I know he is smiling at me too. I wish a day like this knocks your door soon, making you more lively.  

I am in Love with myself. I love to be in the moment. I love to live; though I haven’t found out the exact cause of my birth; but I do the things that make me crazy and indifferent. The first and foremost thing I do is, I try more and more each day to make others feel happy. If not that, atleast I make sure I am not the reason for someone’s sadness. Others- I write, I sing, I dance, I exercise, I sweat, I work, I eat, I talk, I shout, I sleep and what not. I cannot stop myself to execute the things which comes my mind. I cannot hate any person. I am women, but I don’t like gossips. I don’t like to pull someone in the conversation and start talking about that person in the negative aspects. My mother whenever she listens to me, says one thing “you are different since childhood. Different than other girls/women of your age. Continue being different like this.” There is so much to live for, so much to learn, so much to observe. Life is too short. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Real test starts from how we make use of this time and take maximum out of it.

We were back to our city. I had brought so much with me within 4 hours. They both came to drop me near my apartment. While we were departing, Richard gave me a birthday gift. Any guesses what can it be? Its mere coincidence. I could stop smiling. Its rightly said, “you get what you deserve”. This gift was a book named “Conversations with GOD”.

I thank him and went back to my room. I was wet. I changed, and made a hot coffee for myself and get down on bed. I called my family and few friends. But I could not share anything. Rather, I was hardly in the zone of talking with them. The spirituality was still with me. I was totally silent. For the first time I felt to be obsolete silent. For the first time, I felt, ‘please do not disturb me’. This is because, I was with me. I did not want any disturbance. Taking cup of hot coffee in hand, pulling the blanket to cover my legs, and resting pillow close to my chest tightly. I felt safe. I was looking out from my big windows I have in my room and thinking nothing. Half hour past this way. 2 hours from now ( as per India time) and 5.5 hours from now (CET) was my birthday. But first time I was not so excited. May be this is because of being grown-up. I decided to watch a movie, and picked up one from my friends suggestion. I was so engrossed in watching the movie, enjoying being alone, that I could not remember my birthday began. I started getting calls from friends wishing me but ended soon.

Now; I was holding phone in my hand, sitting on bed, I looked at clock. It was almost 9. Again the same silence all around me. Pale yellow lights in room and black dark outside. Temperature was around 5-6 deg with cool breeze. Suddenly, thoughts attacked my brain like virus- “come’ on darling, its your birthday today. Just imagine what you have right now? Just imagine you will never be 24 again. It’s the transition period from now where I will turn from 24 to 25 now. I will probably never be alone on my birthday. I will/will not (unsure state) be celebrating my birthday in Europe. This is so amazing. I want to cheer myself, I want to thank myself. I want to celebrate this moment to make it lifetime memory for me. Lets do something today.” Ending this chat with myself, I decided to bring my favorite brand of “Red Wine” from the shop nearby my apartment. I decided to bring a small cake as well to cut. I pull a jacket, took some Euro’s and went down in the shop. I took the wine bottle and went at the cash counter. I was so much happy to shop this beverage, I knew I cannot stand near the “daru dukan” wine shop with so much of freedom when I go back to my own country. I pay the cash and came back home.

            I took the wine glass, open the bottle and kept on table. I poured the wine in glass. Magenta red drink smells so pleasing, tastes so well.

It was exactly 12 O clock and just before entering in my 25’s, I closed my eyes, locked hand fingers, and thanked the supernatural power around me, for letting me enjoy this moment, listed as one of the best days in my life.

After this thank-giving note, the thoughts started approaching my mind, my cries, the unuttered conversation with GOD, the shivering inside my body. I felt that I had the shortest gap between me and GOD. I sensed his presence all around me. I was in so much difficulty, that I could not utter the word further with him. This compelled me to write the letter to him. On the table, I kept the wine glass and bottle, next to it was lying the gifted, “conversation with GOD”; I took the paper from my diary & started pouring my inner words I wanted to convey him. I was writing and writing, and could not blocked myself from  crying. I took the first sip of wine and was soothed. Conversation and wine was running parallel.I know I might sound stupid to lot of people, but whatever I experienced today was true. It was pure.

Next early morning, around 6 am, I got call from my chaddi buddie, school friend. We both share a great relationship in-terms of understanding, thinking, maturity. I told the same story; the way she responded gave me a sigh of relief.

            This wasn’t the first time I met GOD. I met GOD earlier, during my childhood days. But I was too young to understand this maturely. I was on our terrace, enjoying the first monsoons. And before I could understand something, there in my front, I saw a faded picture… yellow dhoti, in half seated position, having hefty stomach and white thread coming on it. I remember I saw tiny legs, just below dhoti. He was LORD GANESHA. Yes! I am confident, he was Ganesh who gave me his darshan. Being a child I was happy with this, and went running to my home to disclose this event.

These conversations are so pure, so from the heart. I know he came just to listen to me and see me. I wish this event appears in all the lives who truly need it.

Just like ALL………

When I was young and Small, learning in School just like ALL

It was class of fifth,

     From then I made a best friend with,

Going is school was happiness,

     Crossing bridges, grass, sharing secrets

Mornings started with voice of my friend,

     Hurrying to reach before the bell

Craziness to sit on single bench,

     Laughs, fun, gossip was the base

I never know how day ended.

Her talks and walk, made me forget all dark locks

When I was young and Small, learning in School just like ALL

Best days on peak of gloom,

     School time happiness till the noon

Walking home back through bridges and grass

     Catching, playing in water & what not…

Time was ending, hand then tightly holding,

Coz we knew life after that,

Looking in eyes,

     Would highlight each others next surprise

Without then uttering single word,

     Gave wishes to face the muddy road

Things were burning in the heart

     Realization to change was only thought

When I was young and Small, learning in School just like ALL

All the sayings are never true

     School days were best but not the roots

White is good, black is bad

     Perfectly symbolizes my time in that

Rotation takes day to night

     My life would change from left to right

I saw it, heard it, never knew how worse it could be

     Coz mirror in eyes could show it to me

Child was I, like he and she

     Craziness, eager, stupidity, fun wanted to be

Asked mom, Why God is never the same?

     List of questions poured in veins

Unanswered calls started to increase

     Slowly then I know what it is!

Days, weeks, months n years

     Child to youth with future fears

All it continued the same,

     But now I know I need to change

When I was young and Small, learning in School just like ALL

Small Town Girl

Simple girl with bigger dreams,

                              Ya I was a small town girl near sand and sea

Where sun rise and setting seemed as easy it could be

Life was good to sit on stones

               Walking on sand was the routine one’s

Air was fresh, heavy to breathe

               But gave fragrance of positivity to me

Waves frequently coming to me,

               Brought some message from the sea

Secretly then I replied to it

               When waves merged back to the sea

Interaction this way was funny to see,

               Showing journey of life how deep it could be

Coz I was a small town girl near sand  and sea…………..

Each time I walked on sand, it told me where I am

               & as I moved, it could remind, somedays later where I am

Turning back gave strength to walk

It was tough indeed than the world thought

They saw me walking on sand, Think its simple for the one who I am

Although its not the same

               Walking till that was the only aim

I cried, I fell

               Stood up, but never complain

Coz I was a small town girl near sand and sea………..

And the day came,

               When I was standing at my aim,

At the place I always want to be,

               Had vanished all the pain in me

Tears now rolled coz of gain,

               It had the feeling I can never explain

For them I was completed,

               No dear, I was always grounded

This day is shortest till now,

               Its time to prepare for tomorrow’s how.

Coz, Simple girl with bigger dreams,

                              Ya I was a small town girl near sand and sea

Where sun rise and setting seemed as easy it could be

Travelling between Belgium- Netherlands

I was working since beginning of year 2017 in one of the Multinational companies in Belgium, city Antwerp. The beautiful and one of the popular cities of the country. Antwerp is capital city of Antwerpen province in Flanders. It’s most populous city in Belgium and located around 40km from capital Brussels and 20km from Dutch border. I was living in studio apartment back then in Antwerp.

I got married to my prince charming in October 2017. He is an IT guy, by then living and working in Netherlands in city called Amstelveen. Amstelveen is city in North Holland bordered less than 10km by capital city Amsterdam.

My husband had just started his career in multinational company, so we decided to continue our stay in Antwerp and Amstelveen and continue seeing each other in weekends.

We travelled after work on Friday evening and return back to our cities on Sunday night, so as to start our professional schedules smoothly from Monday morning.

Initially we started our travelling by trains between Belgium-Netherlands. This is the Intercity train (back then; now it’s Intercity direct train) connecting 2 capital cities Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium with intermediate halts in second largest cities of these countries Rotterdam and Antwerp respectively.

This train service is running in collaboration between Dutch railways- NS and National company of Belgian railways NMBS. This train runs every one hour.

I used to catch this train from Antwerp central station and dropping off at Schiphol airport. You can do the bookings using website takes around 2 hour and costed me 33 euros (then), so 66 euros for each weekend. This seemed to be extremely expensive option.

Then I opted for next cheaper option which was flixbus. Bookings can be done via .It costed me from 12,99 euros to 19,99 euros depending on how in advance you book your tickets or based on rush hour period. The flixbus pickup point is Carnotstraat 30 A in Antwerp and drop off at Hatostraat 1043 in Amsterdam sloterdijk. But there are other stops as well in between. Price was cheaper, but it took 3 hours or more to reach Amsterdam due to onroad traffic. There are quiet few delays with flixbus since the bus starts from Paris, halts in Brussels, Antwerp and then Amsterdam. What can you expect on road on typical European Friday evening? Everyone wants to end their week early and roads are busiest.

This didn’t definitely worked for me; but it’s a good option is good if you are flexible with time!

3rd option we explored was BlaBla car, the car pulling service. People who usually are travelling to different cities and have place in their car, often put the rides on website .You can find various options throughout the day at different timeslots to travel to different cities. I had fun using this carpool service; I met different people and was fun travelling with them.Journey cost is different based on locations and the rider; usually ranging 10-17 euros per seat. It was cheaper, fast and convenient way of travelling. The most important thing to check on blabla car website before you book a seat is, rating of the rider. Confirm with rider the exact pickup and drop location.Some riders are flexible with time, pickup drop location, but don’t forget to confirm it in advance! Me and my husband loved this option!

This was a temporary travel modes if you are travelling less frequently.

We both moved to a beautiful Dutch town Dordrecht. It’s a town in South Holland province of Netherlands. I still continued working in Antwerp.

Now the travelling between Netherlands-Belgium was part of my daily routine.

I explored a lot on easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to travel daily, but unfortunately I found only 1 way which was most reliable and independent way of travelling if you don’t have a car!

This is NS international train services.

What’s most important is, you don’t need to take your ticket at ticket counters daily; you can have a train pass monthly or annually.

I carried 2 train passes- NS international train pass from Dordrecht to Breda including border from website and pass from Breda Hazeldonk border till Antwerp on from ticket counter station in Antwerp.

Let’s have a look on these passes one by one.

To take pass within dutch border, first thing is to apply for Card, called “OV chipkaart”. This can be done on website

Card costs approximately 7,5 Euros and then you can recharge the card as you want with different subscriptions or amount.

OV chipkaart front side
OV chipkaart backside

Next step is to take subscription. It can be viewed/ordered at

For travelling between Dordrecht to Breda (excluding border), subscription called Traject vrij is applicable. But since in our case border is included, go for Grens abonnement (Border subscription) you can enter start station (from wherever you start) and end station as Hazeldonk grens.

You can enter your OV chipkaart number and order this subscription on your card.

Do not forget: go to the NS ticket counter (see below) pickup this subscription on your card.

You are now ready with part 1 of the process.

Let’s move to next part of subscription which is from Hazeldonk border to Antwerp.

I ordered the card “MOBIB card” at ticket counter in Antwerp train station and also the first subscription. Later I added the subscription myself by login at

Mobib card

Now since you are ready with your 2 rail cards, next step is to travel.

When travelling from Netherlands to Belgium, check-IN the NS station using the OV chipkaart as below and checkout at 1st station before the border, which is Breda in this case. You don’t need to check-IN OUT in Belgium network.


-There are 2 trains going to Antwerp from Netherlands. 1st is Intercity direct that goes via Breda, Hazeldonk border. We learned in this article on how to order the train pass for it

-2nd train is Belgian train from Roosendaal border.

-Like Hazeldonk border, if you want to travel using this route, you can take Grens subscription as “Roosendaal grens” instead of Hazeldonk grens.

-It’s a pity that you can only travel through the one route for which you take the subscription!

-You can take monthly or yearly subscription, it’s cheaper.

-If you take monthly subscription on your card, you can change subscription only after 1 month.

-For more questions you can contact customer service on NS or SNCB international.

I wish you Good luck and pleasant travel!