the Pause button

In life, spend atleast 1-2hours weekly on doing nothing; or spend atleast a day on doing nothing. Fill your agenda with “Do nothing” hour or a day.
Its very important to pause yourself.
Open the windows of your home, let the fresh air come in. Feel that breeze
Open the curtains, let the sunlight brighten up the space.
Go out; sit or stand quietly; feel the sun on your skin. Reflect on surrounding noises.
Just be the moment and do nothing.
Give your body that pause, that needed break.
Don’t talk, don’t eat, don’t check your phone. Its kind of a meditation with open or closed eyes.
Our body is like mobile phone.
When phone battery dies, you connect it to charger and you “ideally” don’t use it. So that it recharges fast.
just like that; body needs to be charged, to be stationed.
Let it recharge, by doing Nothing.
I repeat again do Nothing.
Feel it.
See what happens.
If you like, repeat it.


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