Cracked egg

It was a typical weekday afternoon. I was working and my calendar popped up with a weekly meeting reminder scheduled with my manager.

Me: “Hi Jan. Good afternoon”

Manager: ” Hi Chaitrali, how are you doing”

Me: “good Jan, quiet busy since last week, catching up with new complaints from customer”.

Manager: “Yeah. I heard that you are quiet busy with lot of complaints and huge pile of work. Your work also seems to be quiet scattered. Especially all the topics on your plate are very challenging at the same time. I hope you are still enjoying the work?”

Me: “yes definitely”

Manager: “ You know what when I am going through an huge work load and if I have a hectic or challenging times, the only thing that I explain it to myself is: this shall pass soon. When you are quiet busy, when time is challenging and you have struggles, that’s the only time you learn and progress. If we reflect back to such times, we know that those were the days, where something actually moved and we made it up! Those are the times you learn management skills- people management, time management. So never be afraid to enjoy these hectic times. They definitely make you a more better person. !

Cracked egg picture perfectly describes this.
Chicken goes through lot of struggles, tries to put force by all possible means to break the egg shell.
Egg shell is quiet hard for that little one. But its only matter of time.
Once it breaks, everything outside looks beautiful!

Chicken actually grows!


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