How your data can be leaked?

I usually travel by trains to my workplace, in Netherlands. Today, as usual train was fully loaded by people, barely having place to stand.

So you can imagine, people just standing, sitting next to each other! There was this lady, sitting on small seat located in standing area. There was me and few other people naturally standing circling around her. I saw she was on her mobile, may be chatting and simultaneously playing games. I saw her doing that, but I ignored. Ofcourse everyone is on their mobiles now a days, working, eating, travelling not to mention also in toilets!! Funny crazy generation. So as soon as I ignored her in a fraction, my phone vibrated. I just took my phone out of my pocket to check WhatsApp msg, but I stopped. I didnt unlock my account.

Now here’s what happened..

There was this guy standing opposite to me, quiet closely next to that mobile lady. He kept his mobile back in his pockets. He started taking keen interest and reading msgs that this lady was getting from someone. I was distantly standing as compared to this guy, so I am damn sure he might be clearly able to read her messages, see all the activities she was doing on her mobile.

I was shocked. I looked at him and paused for a sec. I didn’t know what to react, but it was definitely a point to act!!

He was absolutely reading everything!!

So lesson learnt and info I want to share on: here are few possibilities by which our personal data CAN be leaked. Orcourse there are many other ways apart from these, but some cases where we ourselves are responsible for exposing our own data.

When we are in public here are things to take care of these things.

  • Unlocking mobile if someone’s behind or next to you can know your passwords or unlock pattern (unless its finger scan). Try to avoid it or be cautious.
  • People who can easily read your msgs, imp info in your mobile- for example imp secrete communication, banking IDs, passwords, account infos.
  • When you are on call with someone try to avoid sharing personal info like phone numbers, your plans- where are you going, what will you do, (espc if you are alone), try to give too detail info about anything!! People can hear and misuse it.
  • If you have name,address mentioned on your bags/travel bags, keep it carefully such that others can’t misuse it.
  • Try to once a while clear history of your internet browsers, espc office devices.

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