It was Saturday evening in Antwerp, my first city on European soil. After my daily calls with my family, I turned back to my laptop and was reading some news online. The line ‘Sonakshi Sihna performed singing in IIFA 2015 awards in Malaysia’ on Aaj tak news channel caught my eye. So I searched some videos to look down to the latest IIFA awards on Youtube. The red carpet show was been displayed. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM nominated lot of singers as ‘Song of the year’. Hence, the RJ’s were interviewing the singers like Atif Aslam, Pritam, Arjit Singh and so on. They requested few people to sing 2 lines for people watching them. Songs nominated included lists like ‘Galliyan’, ‘Muskurane ki vajah’, ‘sawan aya’.. Wow. These are really the songs which totally switch me to a different mood.

RJ asked Atif Aslam, “what will you tell people watching you out there?”. The motivational reply from Atif, “well, I just keep continue working like this. Singing more and more songs for people and keep working”.

I just paused the video and gave a thought on this. Really, these singers through their work not only make themselves happy but are doing so much of Punya ka kaam (work for good cause) that they are making billions of people happy; not just one time, but each time people listen to them! They have so much of power to make people happy, nostalgic, to cry, to feel, to boost down people’s emotional side out, to refresh their minds.

And look what I am doing? M I really doing worth job? Have I really chosen the perfect career for myself? I am happy? The answer for all these questions was just a SILENT blank pause.

I have chosen career which makes me work atleast 40 hours per week, do what I am responsible for doing, which doesn’t always allow me to work independently and freely. My work is driven by technical thoughts and not the emotions. I have to work under people.

But fine!

Keeping these points aside, sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad about my work. Sometimes I return smiling home, sometimes I feel sick due to loaded job deliveries. I really want to contribute my work life to make others happy, to bring smiles on those millions of people who need to smile, to bring hope in people’s heart, to imprint my impression on their lives forever and ever!

I really need to choose a path where the work will always keep “hidden me” burning like the molten hot volcano! This doesn’t mean I should resign, but maybe I can start the new way of working in office or may be simultaneously I will start developing a my interests, which later I can lead as career.

Thanks to Youtube song recommendation for bringing this realization in my heart! One good thought has power to bring a huge TRANSFORMATION.

What we are today or how we are is just the mirror image of what we see, what we implement and where we take out thoughts. Where do you want to take your’s?


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