Apple-Muskmelon fruit Salad

Covid-19 lockdown is daily teaching me something new! Its challenging me daily to pull out the best of me. Its teaching me to be creative, to keep on learning. Its giving me abundance time to enhance my skills in numerous areas. This is how its making me try some new recipes (invent some of them in my kitchen) making supreme use of available ingredients.

Apple- muskmelon fruit salad

I prepared this quick fruit salad recipe, something for you to try out!

Apple-muskmelon salad.

Recipe (less than 5min)

Cut apple, muskmelon in small- medium pieces. Put them in serving bowl. Add pinch of salt, pepper powder. Add dryfruits of your choice. I added cashews & raisins.


Your salad is done! If you are not using raisins, you can add little bit of honey. This gives salad combination of pepper hot flavor with little sweeter.

Do try! Share and post me your comments! Few more kitchen inventions are on its way!


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